Cotopaxi, Ecuador

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Rumipamba de las Rosas Salcedo

Rumipamba de las Rosas Salcedo

3.50 97 reviews

Av. Norte s/n y Eloy Yerovi, Salcedo, Ecuador

Hotel Cuello de Luna Cotopaxi

Hotel Cuello de Luna Cotopaxi

4.00 101 reviews

El Chasqui, Panamerican Highway Km 319, Cotopaxi, Ecuador

Hacienda La Cienega Cotopaxi

Hacienda La Cienega Cotopaxi

4.00 335 reviews

Lasso Panamericana Sur Km 72, Cotopaxi, Ecuador

Villa de Tacvnga Latacunga

Villa de Tacvnga Latacunga

4.00 88 reviews

Sanchez de Orellana y Guayaquil (Esquina), Latacunga, Ecuador

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Cotopaxi Volcano, Cotopaxi National Park, Ecuador travel blog

Cotopaxi Volcano

A travel blog entry by lucywillson

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... . England had lost and were out of the World Cup. Although it was knackering, I was still really glad we'd done this Cotopaxi excursion. The sight of the glacier at the top is spectacular and the scenery in the rest of the National Park is ...

La Cumbre o La Muerte in Cotopaxi, Cotopaxi, Ecuador travel blog

La Cumbre o La Muerte in Cotopaxi

A travel blog entry by rickwastaken

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... , living on the same block that Brett lived on during the past year for his study abroad time. Small world. Our tour to Cotopaxi was booked through SelvaNieve Tours (JungleSnow Tours). The man at the desk seemed very disinterested in us, and was in a ...

Thrills, spills and steep uphills, Cotopaxi, Ecuador travel blog

Thrills, spills and steep uphills

A travel blog entry by vine_hooligans

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... and his wife, Tarquin and Catherine who had subsequently moved out to the country and set up another hostel near the Cotopaxi volcano. The location that chose was truly beautiful and had great views across the valley with Cotopaxi and a few other ...

The Great Ecuadoors, Latacunga, Ecuador travel blog

The Great Ecuadoors

A travel blog entry by beardandblonde

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... bowl of porridge too. The perfect way to start the day at Cotopaxi National Park. People head to Latacunga in middle Ecuador for Cotopaxi National Park and the 5897m peak of Volcan Cotopaxi. Initially, we intended to battle this monstrous summit with a ...

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A dormant volcano with a water filled caldera located in the Western Cordillera of the Andes, Cotopaxi, Ecuador