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Cajas National Park, Cajas, Ecuador travel blog

Cajas National Park

A travel blog entry by incajac


On Sunday I went hiking in the Cajas National Park which is about a half hour drive outside of Cuenca. I went with the Club Adinismo Sangay, a local hiking club that runs hiking excursions about twice a month to nearby parks. There were about 50 of us ...

Hydraulic Dreamscape, Cajas National Park, Ecuador travel blog

Hydraulic Dreamscape

A travel blog entry by smonty1


... the two girls I went out to dinner with the night before, and just talked to them for a while. They went to Ingapirca, which is Ecuador's most important Incan ruin site. I plan on going there tomorrow, so I had a few questions for them! I then also met up ...

Parque Nacional de Cajas, Parque Nacional de Cajas, Ecuador travel blog

Parque Nacional de Cajas

A travel blog entry by nicola


... bus driver earned his money before he set off, dragging huge sacks of potatoes onto the bus before we set off from Cuenca to Cajas. After all that work he neatened himself up a bit and put his toothbrush and toothpaste back in the first aid box. It ...

lagos y bosques, Cajas, Ecuador travel blog

lagos y bosques

A travel blog entry by riege


... 3000 y 4500 msnm. El parque formado principalmente por grandes elevaciones que guardan en su interior sistemas lacustres a manera de enormes cajas interconectadas, de allí su nombre - Cajas -. En el área no existe una marcada regularidad del clima; se ...