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We Made the Move, Atuntaqui, Ecuador travel blog

We Made the Move

A travel blog entry by ecuador_expats


... is pretty much every Sunday. The food is typical Ecuadorian, but is one of the better ones.    Update September 2013: Atuntaqui is growing and it's government is putting a lot of money into this town. A tourist train will be coming through, so ...

Teaching English/A Little About the Area, Atuntaqui, Ecuador travel blog

Teaching English/A Little About the Area

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... for. Atuntaqui is known for it's textiles, so a statue in the main park depicts that. In addition, because textiles is what Atuntaqui does, it has a sewing college -- which a friend of mine goes to. San Antonio is known for it's furniture making and wood ...

Updates (Last update 05/2015), Atuntaqui, Ecuador travel blog

Updates (Last update 05/2015)

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... showing up there, so I missed his prayer, which I was told was in nice clear Spanish. And 252 were at Atuntaqui South's Memorial.   March 9, 2014: This little piece of news came through on GringoTree today: Ecuador Expat Arrested for Sex Trafficking ...

Santa Agua Chachimbiro, Chachimbiro, Ecuador travel blog

Santa Agua Chachimbiro

A travel blog entry by ecuador_expats


I must say, from Piedra de Agua, to Papallacta --Ecuador sure knows how to make hot spring resorts -- and now this one. This resort is called Santa Agua Chachimbiro. Chachimbiro is only about an hour's drive via a bus from the terminal in Ibarra and ...