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Los Diablos Cojuelos en La Vega Carnaval, La vega, Dominican Republic travel blog

Los Diablos Cojuelos en La Vega Carnaval

A travel blog entry by sfrtw

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... Carnaval month!  Every Sunday in February there are carnaval (or carnival) celebrations throughout the DR, with the biggest celebration in La Vega.  Usually the last Sunday of February is the biggest and best, so we planned to be there! We ...

Carneval....I just don

Carneval....I just don't get it

A travel blog entry by lisalew


... .  I have no idea. But then again, I am not Dominican, and that's just the way they celebrate Carnaval in the Dominican Republic..... Our tale begins when some friends of mine in Pimentel invited me to go with them for 100 pesos on a bus they had ...

Escojo conference and las Terrenas, La Vega/Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic travel blog

Escojo conference and las Terrenas

A travel blog entry by lisalew


... of diahrreah which lasted the entire conference. Otherwise, it was a really positive experience where we all learned quite a bit. We traveled to La Vega, which is about an hour and a half from Pimentel, and to a retreat center on top of a mountain. It ...

Tylers blog post, La Vega, Dominican Republic travel blog

Tylers blog post

A travel blog entry by ambrose-icd


Wow what a day. After just finishing a delightful Italiano din dins I am now sitting on a rocking chair thinking about the great day that we just had. Our Sunday endeavour began with a trip to a local church in the Barrio (neighbourhood). During the ...