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BL #10: Nosh On New Nordic Cuisine, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

BL #10: Nosh On New Nordic Cuisine

A travel blog entry by pwong

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It used to be that Spain's Nueva Cocina was the leading movement in the foodie World, with Ferran Adria and his disciples representing the vanguard of this technical and scientific culinary revolution.  Adria's El Bulli was the epicentre of all ...

Nice spot for a ….. wee???, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

Nice spot for a ….. wee???

A travel blog entry by robartsroaming

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... of the tower (over a church). The Library Hall now houses exhibitions, and the one that was there today focused on buildings of Denmark. Lyndon had a bit of a peak but the kids and I lasted about one minute before we were bored. We also saw the original ...

On to Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

On to Copenhagen

A travel blog entry by madman96

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Finally, I grab a train to Copenhagen and the one I chose is late leaving and even later arriving.  I get in late at night after spending the entire trip talking to a nice girl named Vjosa Hoxhaj.  Don't ask me how to pronounce it, but we make ...

What a sweet offer ...., Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

What a sweet offer ....

A travel blog entry by robartsroaming

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I was determined to leave the house today, so we got ready and walked to the train station. Feeling exhausted already I really had to sit down and the space with four spare seats was in the quiet zone. A 20 minute train ride with no talking?? Lyndon and ...