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BL #10: Nosh On New Nordic Cuisine, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

BL #10: Nosh On New Nordic Cuisine

A travel blog entry by pwong

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... at least in some small way, inspired by Noma.  After much research, we decided on Marchal, a relative newcomer to Copenhagen's buzzing culinary scene, based upon its intriguing menu and more palatable prices - it's expensive enough to eat a basic ...

Nice spot for a ….. wee???, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

Nice spot for a ….. wee???

A travel blog entry by robartsroaming

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... standing around waiting when we heard what sounded like a gush or water spilling onto the ground, followed by another and another Copenhagen. Lyndon and Spencer were facing the direction that the sound was coming from and from Lyndon face I knew that I ...

What a sweet offer ...., Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

What a sweet offer ....

A travel blog entry by robartsroaming

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I was determined to leave the house today, so we got ready and walked to the train station. Feeling exhausted already I really had to sit down and the space with four spare seats was in the quiet zone. A 20 minute train ride with no talking?? Lyndon and ...

Antichrist Day, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

Antichrist Day

A travel blog entry by foolsgold

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... what you have to do to get on it. My 5 top cities (In no discernible order) London Bangkok Florence Copenhagen Paris Vinny's top 5 (In no discernible order) Paris Geneva Copenhagen Sydney Cantebury Stick your own at the bottom! The ...