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Feeling Better, Klecany, Czech Republic travel blog

Feeling Better

A travel blog entry by rachelkw

Ivana took the kids to the park and I read the rest of the Agatha Christie book that we'd bought for Donny in the 2nd hand book shop in Tallinn. Sadly, we had to leave again. The pains in my tummy had subsided and I drove to Halle, near Leipzig, where ...

Bones, Bones and More Bones, Sedlec, Czech Republic travel blog

Bones, Bones and More Bones

A travel blog entry by robroyaus


The infamous Sedlec Ossuary has been on my wish-list for some years, and this was only reinforced when Ewan and Charlie visited on the Long Way Round trip. You can read a detailed history of the place in Wikipedia, but in summary an estimated 40-70,000 ...

Friendly Faces, Klecany, Czech Republic travel blog

Friendly Faces

A travel blog entry by rachelkw


... ;was a milestone for us. This was the first familiar place we had been for well over a month. It was wonderful to see our Czech friends (and token American) again. We were immediately taken in, fed, watered, plied with wine and love. It was great to ...

Oh so pretty Prague (the 2nd!), Březiněves, Czech Republic travel blog

Oh so pretty Prague (the 2nd!)

A travel blog entry by ozandbackagain


... the soldiers dressed in their navy trench coats, embellished with gold and red. Marching with their bayoneted guns, shouting orders in Czech, with numerous stamps of the feet and lifting of the chins, it was all very impressive. After a lovely meal for ...

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Sedlec Chapel

Sedlec Chapel


Sedlec, Bohemia, Czech Republic