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Being Good, Larnaca, Cyprus travel blog

Being Good

A travel blog entry by uncle_davros

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... easiest, even though it's meant to be, but I do manage to struggle through it.   Now back to the story   Larnaka   With the fall of the North, the Cypriots decided that they needed a new second largest city, and Larnaka was told to ...

Cherrio Cyprus, Larnaca, Cyprus travel blog

Cherrio Cyprus

A travel blog entry by charity_cycle

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... (corny but true). It takes a while to find the hostel tucked in a side street by St lazurus Church. I check in for my last night in Cyprus. Stats. Cycled: 66.5km. Average speed: 19km/hr Max: 41.5km/hr Total distance of trip to ...

My Winter trip to Cyprus ...., Larnaca, Cyprus travel blog

My Winter trip to Cyprus ....

A travel blog entry by greekcypriot


... I hate when I have to carry along boots, a jacket and a coat and I try to have them on instead of carrying them. My Cyprus Airways e ticket is purchased 2 months earlier and it cost me less than 100 euros.  I was curious though to see how much the ...

Where Shopping is a Pleasure, Larnaca, Cyprus travel blog

Where Shopping is a Pleasure

A travel blog entry by atlpilot36

Where Shopping is a Pleasure.  Isn't that Publix's slogan?  I found a grocery store called Billa where shopping may not be such a pleasure but their checkout stand can put you on a road to some.  Now visualize the g rated checkout stand at ...