Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik, Croatia, Croatia

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The Republic of Ragusa, Dubrovnik, Croatia travel blog

The Republic of Ragusa

A travel blog entry by eundel

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... for most of its existence, it was shelled by the Yugoslav Army with the help of Montenegrin militias in 1991, during Croatia's bid for independence. When I visited, just about all of the damage has been repaired. The only obvious sign tourists were ...

BL #17:  Croatian Three-Peat, Dubrovnik, Croatia travel blog

BL #17: Croatian Three-Peat

A travel blog entry by pwong

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... be as incredible as you once remembered - but luckily for us, Dubrovnik never seems to disappoint. As our flight slowly descended into Croatia, I smirked to myself as I realized something amusing - you're supposed to go up and not down, in order to find ...

pearl of the Adriatic Sea, Dubrovnik, Croatia travel blog

pearl of the Adriatic Sea

A travel blog entry by bogna

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... wieksze i przezywalo najazd turystow. A tlumy ludzi moga zniszczyc atmosfere kazdego miejsca. Ceny również mnie zastanowily - Dubrovnik to jedno z drozszych miast w Europie, np. bilet autobusowy byl drozszy niz bilet na metro w Atenach. Ale ...


Let's go to Dubrovnik this morning...

A travel blog entry by madman96

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I wake up early and head down to the Croatia Airlines office at 8 am as we have decided that enough is enough with the trains... I book flights for us that leave 3 hours later and then go for a run around the old city.  We have breakfast and head to ...