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Ancestral Village (not mine), Donji Oštrc, Croatia travel blog

Ancestral Village (not mine)

A travel blog entry by budz888

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... of the advantages of writing up the blog in Croatia) This place might not be very far from Zagreb (well, Tasmania's bigger than Croatia, so nothing's going to be that remote) but despite what I just wrote in parentheses, this place really was ...

Blue, Blue, Blue., Biograd na Moru, Croatia travel blog

Blue, Blue, Blue.

A travel blog entry by emtyadventures

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... disconnect between your mind, body and your actions. This is the state we were in as we crossed the border into Croatia. We slowed through a passport control area, but unable to see the signs through our visors, we squinted and innocently rolled ...

how we got through Croatia, Zupanja, Croatia travel blog

how we got through Croatia

A travel blog entry by bogna

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... to where our driver was heading. After several km we caught a Turkish man, another lorry driver. While we were driving through the whole Croatia, I managed to catch up with sleep in the cabin bed of the Turkish man, for about 1,5h. At 5pm we were around ...

Is It Wrong to Love a Power Plant?, Rijeka, Croatia travel blog

Is It Wrong to Love a Power Plant?

A travel blog entry by eundel

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I spent much of this morning driving through Croatia's coastal mountains. One particularly lovely ocean inlet was dominated by a giant coal-fired power plant. I expect most people would have thought this ruined the scene, but I'm an engineer at heart ...