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The man behind the curtain, Kisangani , Congo - The Dem. Repub. travel blog

The man behind the curtain

A travel blog entry by mfer043


... or even bursting into tears at the sight of the strange white monster sauntering around town.    But like much of Congo, Kisangani (formerly Stanleyville) also has an ominous history.    It was where, in 2000, that ugandan and rwandan ...

Et c

Et c'est reparti

A travel blog entry by exploreyourlife


Une semaine après avoir quitté Bunia, c'est comme si les motos sont de nouveau prêtes à prendre la route. Départ de Kisangani pour le nord du Congo. En tout cas ! ...

Update from the

Update from the 'bush

A travel blog entry by pogoafrica


Sorry for the Bloglag folks, but there is no WiFi signal in the dark jungle I have been Pogoing thru.  Most villagers I encounter have NEVER seen a Pogo stick, and they treat me as some sort of God - I go along with it - they bring me the oldest ...

FAQ sur ma mission, Shamwana, Congo - The Dem. Repub. travel blog

FAQ sur ma mission

A travel blog entry by marika

... biggest lake in the area. Lubumbashi (LBB) is the project capital, but the official capital of RDC (République démocratique du Congo or named Zaire previously) is Kinshasa.   I know you've all heard about the conflict in Northern Kivu over the ...