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Maloudja Beach Bungalows Moroni

Maloudja Beach Bungalows Moroni

3.50 3 reviews

P O Box 1027, Moroni, Comoros

Moifaka Studio Hotel Moroni

Moifaka Studio Hotel Moroni

3.50 3 reviews

Hamramba moroni, Moroni, Comoros

Hotel Itsandra Sun Moroni

Hotel Itsandra Sun Moroni

3.50 45 reviews

BP 1027, Moroni, Comoros

Hotel Le Coelacanthe Moroni

Hotel Le Coelacanthe Moroni


, Moroni, Comoros

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A la recherche des cocos fesses, Moroni, Comoros travel blog

A la recherche des cocos fesses

A travel blog entry by siegfried_h.


Il semble que le mauvais temps nous suive. Pas grand chose à voir. Les Comores ressemblent beaucoup aux Seychelles. L'île semble très pauvre. Les gens sont gentils, mais quelque chose manque. It looks like the bad weather follows us. Not much to ...

BVAWT014 - FMCH, Moroni, Comoros travel blog


A travel blog entry by bva

FMCH - Prince Said Ibrahim International ...

Boating misery, Moroni, Comoros travel blog

Boating misery

A travel blog entry by martaj

... when internet is a bit cheaper. Well short version.  Rose and I thought it would be a good idea to go by boat to the Comoros... how wrong we were.  Never travel by cargo boat unless you have it on good authority that it is large, fast, and ...

More reasons why I need a rich husband..., Moroni, Comoros travel blog

More reasons why I need a rich husband...

A travel blog entry by martaj


... I had somebody hit on me by simply pulling out a condom and thrusting it in my face...  Also gross. Seriously though - the Comoros was an odd experience.  Prices are out of this world and I had my first encounter with painful poverty and ...