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Rain in the desert, Villavieja, Kolumbien travel blog

Rain in the desert

A travel blog entry by eeyore82


... to Villavieja I said, that is not possible he said cause there is no buses, there is no bridge crossing the river between Aipe and Villavieja,- cause the two citys hate each other. I will have to go to Neiva and take a bus over there. To Neiva it will be ...

Tatacoa desert, Villavieja, Colombia travel blog

Tatacoa desert

A travel blog entry by hi_from_sa


We visited the Desert, and it rained!, Villavieja, Colombia travel blog

We visited the Desert, and it rained!

A travel blog entry by juliabarry


Barry here! Another day, another bus! This time we were off to a desert "Desierto de Tatacoa", close to a place called Villavieja which was both a red and a grey desert. The Tatacoa Desert is the second largest arid zone in Colombia after the Guajira ...

Desierto de Tatacoa, Colombia, Villavieja, Colombia travel blog

Desierto de Tatacoa, Colombia

A travel blog entry by saralouisekelly


Hot, hot, hot! I went on a 3 hour motor taxi tour of the desert which started at 7am and by 10am it was already feeling hot! It was interesting to see how the rocks changed from a red colour to a grey, due to the different minerals in the ...