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Hotel Almar Capurgana

Hotel Almar Capurgana

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Playa la Caleta # 1, Capurgana, Colombia

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Just Where Colombia and Panama Meet, Capurgana, Colombia travel blog

Just Where Colombia and Panama Meet

A travel blog entry by jackdrury

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... – 4 hour boat trip, then a who knows how many hour bus ride to Medellin. We opted for a 1 hour flight from Capurgana's recently reopened airport. As we walked to the airport that sat adjacent to the town's rain soaked soccer field, the sun ...

A perfect week, Capurgana, Colombia travel blog

A perfect week

A travel blog entry by lizandkev

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... a maze of hundreds of stinging jellyfish like something out of Finding Nemo! I really loved it and will definitely go diving again. Capurgana, although more expensive than Taganga to do your PADI, is great. Smaller groups (I was on my own), closer, more ...

My First Ever Donkey Cart Wreck, Capurgana, Colombia travel blog

My First Ever Donkey Cart Wreck

A travel blog entry by atlpilot36

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... ; Only about two miles at most separates these two villages where wealthy Colombians vacation.   Capurgana is definitely the more developed area with more restaurants and very modest infrastructure.  We hired a ...

My epic sea voyage, San Blas Islands, Colombia travel blog

My epic sea voyage

A travel blog entry by howardino


I was really sad to leave Columbia, but justified my descision by telling myself that I still had many more countries to go in Central america and time and money were beginning to run out. So I bade farewell to my friends and went aboard a beautiful 52 ...