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Zhongdian...to the edge of the Tibetan world, Zhongdian, China travel blog

Zhongdian...to the edge of the Tibetan world

A travel blog entry by luolan

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... meditation. The yak herder would be preferable though, the yaks being a major draw. I have learned a lot from coming to Zhongdian, but mainly I have gained a greater appreciation for the majestic yak. What a multi-functional animal. Here's to the yak. ...

Tibet-Sichuan Highway, Zhongdian, China travel blog

Tibet-Sichuan Highway

A travel blog entry by baileyandkerry

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... claimed Shangril'la was in China and a political bidding war ensued over where this mythical place existed. They plumped on Zhongdian, which has pretty nice scenery, but anyone who claims it is 'paradise' is as misguided as Glenn Hoddle ...

Joani Loves Chachi, Zhongdian, China travel blog

Joani Loves Chachi

A travel blog entry by foolsgold

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... "Well, I love you as much as a man CAN love a woman" -- Futurama We've just spent a nice two days in Zhongdian, writing e-mails and reading books and pretty much doing nothing of interest whatsoever. It's been a nice change from the near constant ...

Horse festival - Zhongdian or Shangri-la

Horse festival - Zhongdian or Shangri-la's big one

A travel blog entry by happysheep

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... a two-day affair, as a larger event is planned for September for the 50th anniversary of the area's 'liberation'. The Zhongdian horse festival usually takes place in June, when the labourers are less busy, having either harvasted crops or planted ...