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Sun and Rain along the Xi River, Xijiang, Guizhou, China, China travel blog

Sun and Rain along the Xi River

A travel blog entry by bethverde

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... the largest village of the Miao racial minority in China. The Miao are known as Hmong among themselves and outside of China. XiJiang occupies the western shoulders and basin of a long river valley. The eastern part of the valley is terraced with ...

Captain Planet vs Iloinensancai, Xijiang, China travel blog

Captain Planet vs Iloinensancai

A travel blog entry by iloinensancai

... ottamaan taksin Kailista Xijiangiin. Tosin taksin hinta oli erittain edullinen julkisenliikenteen hintoihin verrattuna, n 13e. Xijiang tervehti retkuettamme valkkyvin neonvaloin ja lipunmyyjaporukalla, joka koostui yli kymmenesta hengesta. ...

Where very little changed in a millennium., Xijiang, China travel blog

Where very little changed in a millennium.

A travel blog entry by andremaheux


... national holiday in China for that is the day Mao Zedong proclaimed the creation of the People's Republic of China. I happened to be in Xijiang the day before and the celebrations were already going strong. The local Miao tribe treated us with quite ...

Miao!, Xijiang, China travel blog


A travel blog entry by jiabaili


... Motor abkratze. Hupend kurvten wir durch die schöne Reisterassenlandschaft, vorbei and kleineren Miaosiedlungen. Dann die Enttäuschung: Xijiang ist auf und dran, zum Disneyland gemacht zu werden. In der Gegend werden überall Willkommenstore ...