Xigaze, China

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Taixing Hotel Xigaze

Taixing Hotel Xigaze

3.00 9 reviews

No.4 East Zhade Road, Xigaze, China

Baima Hotel Xigaze

Baima Hotel Xigaze


No.148 Quriyubulin, Zhangmu Zhen, Xigaze, China

Gangjian Guoyuan Linka Hotel Xigaze

Gangjian Guoyuan Linka Hotel Xigaze

2.50 3 reviews

No.9 zhufeng Road, Xigaze, China

Sangzhuzi Hotel Xigaze

Sangzhuzi Hotel Xigaze

3.50 2 reviews

No.2 Gongjuelin Road, Xigaze, China

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A HIGHlight of travelling, Mt Everest, China travel blog

A HIGHlight of travelling

A travel blog entry by jeffs

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Our illegally hired jeep snaked its way through the very roughly dug out road. Actually, it wasn't a road. A track or bumpy lane better describes it. Derek, Brendan, Myself, Gary and Helen - don't know the name of the driver so his adopted name was ...

Tour de Tibet - Part 2, Gyantse, China travel blog

Tour de Tibet - Part 2

A travel blog entry by philthy

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Day 4 Gyantse Due to some poor planning we ended up having a rest day in Gyantse. This was not all bad as we could use the rest and because Gyantse is probably one of the best towns in Tibet. Almost all of the architecture is Tibetan (not Chinese) and ...

Gyantse Kumbum: Journey with Buddhist Deities, Gyantse, China travel blog

Gyantse Kumbum: Journey with Buddhist Deities

A travel blog entry by lraleigh

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After saying goodbye to Sweet Innocent Killer ("thanks for the amazing albeit challenging time.") and running a few errands, I headed towards Gyantse, first taking a minibus to Shigatse. The three Tibetans around me sang off-key to songs playing on ...

Sometimes The Truth Is Ugly, Xigatse, China travel blog

Sometimes The Truth Is Ugly

A travel blog entry by charmedlife

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... it. However, this is a place where I do not want to go to prison, never to be seen again. According to Amnesty International, China holds more than 500,000 people without charge or trial, and several Tibetans go to jail for life for little reason - an NGO ...

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Paxia Monastery

Paxia Monastery


About 50 kilometres east of Shigatse, Xigaze, Tibet, China

Sakya Monastery

Sakya Monastery


55km (34 miles) SE of Lhatse, Xigaze, Tibet, China