Xianyang, China

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Aviation Hotel Shanxi Xianyang

Aviation Hotel Shanxi Xianyang

3.00 36 reviews

200m from Xianyang International Airport Entrance, Xianyang, China

Weilong Hotel Xianyang

Weilong Hotel Xianyang

3.00 3 reviews

No.1 Weiyang West Road, Xianyang, China

International Trade Hotel Xianyang

International Trade Hotel Xianyang

4.00 70 reviews

No.1 Weiyang Middle Road, Qindu District, Xianyang, China

Xianyang Ocean Hotspring World

Xianyang Ocean Hotspring World

4.00 27 reviews

Weiqiangzi Road, Middle Section of Contury Avenue, Xianyang, China

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Xian and the Terracotta Army, Xian, China travel blog

Xian and the Terracotta Army

A travel blog entry by rachel_john

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... is amiable and his wife cooks up good grub. We retire to bed feeling relaxed and happy. We take the bus out to China's hottest tourist attraction, the Terracotta Army. In 220BC Emperor Qin Shihuang manufactured an entire clay army to guard him in the ...

arriving in Xian and the Terracotta Warriors, Xianyang, China travel blog

arriving in Xian and the Terracotta Warriors

A travel blog entry by exploreamerica

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... contemporary Xi'an. Following the several century long Warring States Period, Qin Dynasty (221-206 BCE) unified China for the first time and the capital was Xianyang , just northwest from modern Xi'an. Before his death, Emperor Qin Shi Huang ordered the ...

Terracotta Warriors, Xian, China travel blog

Terracotta Warriors

A travel blog entry by shanewilson

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... I'm happy. Went to much needed macas and internetted before returnign to the hotel. The taxis continue to be cheap here in China... as long as you have your destination in Chinese characters. John is definitely treating us to a wide array of Chinese ...

xian and terracota army, Xian, China travel blog

xian and terracota army

A travel blog entry by martinandheike

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... on yet another overnight train checked into hotel and hopped on local bus to the Terracota army as must see when visiting china. Thousands of life size soldiers guarding a forgotten about emporer until a "peasant farmer" their words!! stumbled across one ...

Attractions in Xianyang

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Han Yang Ling Museum

Han Yang Ling Museum


Thangjiawan Village, Weicheng Area, Xianyang, Shanxi, China

The joint mausoleum of Emperor Jingdi and Empress Wang, his consort.