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A travel blog entry by meandher

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... massive and imposing city gates, a reminder of its illustrious past when it served as the imperial capital of China for some eleven dynasties. Modern Xian is in many ways a typical Chinese city, characterised by demolition (most of which seems to be ...

Chinese Surprises (including a ride in a cop car!), Xian, China travel blog

Chinese Surprises (including a ride in a cop car!)

A travel blog entry by emanddave

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... has been restored after countless souvenir sellers and pushy touts trying to part us from our cash! Hopefully this will be a trend we see as we travel through the rest of China and beyond! (Although I doubt either of these things would happen in ...

Xian and the Terracotta Army, Xian, China travel blog

Xian and the Terracotta Army

A travel blog entry by rachel_john

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... is amiable and his wife cooks up good grub. We retire to bed feeling relaxed and happy. We take the bus out to China's hottest tourist attraction, the Terracotta Army. In 220BC Emperor Qin Shihuang manufactured an entire clay army to guard him in the ...

Ancient Capital, Xian, China travel blog

Ancient Capital

A travel blog entry by alasdairm

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... was not really so bad since the previous flight to Xi'an was delayed for over 3 hours. Got a window seat on the Air China flight but only a tiny bag of nuts, barely bigger than a single peanut itself, and some kiwi juice to snack on. The Shuyuan ...