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A travel blog entry by amyfisher

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... gets smaller the higher you go. The pagoda was built originally to preserve the Buddhist sutras, figurines and relics brought to China from India via the Silk Road. It has definitely achieved its purpose; it is still standing, and preserving some ...

Beijing to Xi

Beijing to Xi'an

A travel blog entry by marshallmatters

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... differences in culture and dress was very interesting and we tried some of the food from the street vendors. Our stop over in Xi'an was only a flying visit and we stayed only one night there.  Next stop is Chengdu in the Sichuan Province.  ...

The Illness, Xi

The Illness

A travel blog entry by foolsgold

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... . Which reminds me - Vinny wants me to make clear that when I refer to Hohot and Yingchuan as small towns, I only mean by China standards. Each still has well over a million people. After Changdu we're looking at going to a place described as a 'small ...

A Terracotta Christmas, Xi

A Terracotta Christmas

A travel blog entry by bethverde

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... with Sonja and Ashley to see the highlight of Xi'an, the 2,000-year-old Terracotta Warriors. Although it's billed as China's biggest tourist attraction outside of Beijing, we had heard some varying reports (our friend Jeroen calls it the McWarriors in ...