Tashkurgan, China

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Crown Inn Tashkurgan

Crown Inn Tashkurgan

4.50 47 reviews

No.23 Pamir Road, Tashkurgan, China

Pamir Hotel Tashkurgan

Pamir Hotel Tashkurgan

1.50 2 reviews

Kashgar Road 207, Tashkurgan, China

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The Father of Mountains, Lake Karakul, China travel blog

The Father of Mountains

A travel blog entry by bethverde

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... so I slept in a little. After more bread and tea, and more displays of the Kyrgyz handiwork, we left for Tashkurgan, the westernmost city in China and the closest one to Pakistan, along the Karakorum Highway. Tashkurgan's people are mostly Tajik, the ...

Heading south on the KKH, Karakul Lake, Xinjiang, China travel blog

Heading south on the KKH

A travel blog entry by beats

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... like one big selling opportunity for the inhabitants. As I stood on the side of the road waiting for the bus to take me to Tashkurgan, the Chinese border town, a local guy asked me if I wanted to share a taxi as we had the same destination. The more ...

On the lash with the Tajik lads, Tashkurgan, Xinjiang, China travel blog

On the lash with the Tajik lads

A travel blog entry by beats

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... that the proprietor had kindly tripled his rates for the occasion. And the hot water didn't work. There wasn't a lot open in Tashkurgan. I picked the liveliest looking place. It was quite packed and I was ushered to a table already occupied by what ...


There's a reason I didn't much like the Boy Scouts

A travel blog entry by scottk


... us by providing good sleeping bags, sleeping bag pads, and, for me, a heavier jacket than I had brought to China when I left Seattle, two weeks before the tour began.)  Come bedtime, everyone but Gary and me quickly disappeared ...

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Tashkurgan Fort

Tashkurgan Fort


Tashkurgan, Xinjiang Uygur, China