Taishan, China

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Dreamland Resort Taishan

Dreamland Resort Taishan

4.00 31 reviews

Langnan Village, Baisha Town, Taishan, China

Taishan Garden Hotel

Taishan Garden Hotel

3.00 6 reviews

Nanmen West Road, Taishan, China

Country Garden Phoenix Hotel Taishan

Country Garden Phoenix Hotel Taishan

4.00 104 reviews

Shaganghu Development,Shaganghu Kaifaqu, Taicheng Town, Taishan, China

Fucheng Hotel Taishan

Fucheng Hotel Taishan

3.50 6 reviews

No.1 Qiaoguang Avenue, Taicheng, Taishan, China

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If i wanted rain and wind I would

If i wanted rain and wind I would've asked for it

A travel blog entry by marktjhung

This is a top pick!

... . And once I work out how to change it, it will say "yes". You see, today I climbed TaiShan, the most culturally significant mountain China. A reasonable straightforward climb for a mountain it must be said. Unfortunately, the horrendous wind and rain ...

Gateway to Heaven!, Taishan, China travel blog

Gateway to Heaven!

A travel blog entry by suenson_taylors

This is a top pick!

... moon, his blood transformed into rivers, his sweat fell as rain and his head and limbs became the five sacred Taoist mountains of China. For three thousand years kings and emperors have come here to pay homage and make sacrifices to the earth (at the ...

Oh My God, Wutai Shan, China travel blog

Oh My God

A travel blog entry by rachelkw


... The driver sat under the no smoking sign and took it in turns with the passenger opposite us to chain smoke his way across China. Occasionally, he spat noisily onto the floor to relieve the boredom. The woman on the front row vomited neatly into a plastic ...

Taishan Mountain, Taishan, China travel blog

Taishan Mountain

A travel blog entry by deborahdowning


I'm on my travels again!! I took the overnight train from Yantai to Taishan on Friday night, splashed out an extra 3 for a soft sleeper bunk.  There were 4 of us in a compartment - it wasn't quite as smoky as the hard sleeper, and a slighly quieter ...