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A travel blog entry by lraleigh

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... mountain of the League of the Five Swords, one of the holy of Daoist Peaks. The Shaolin Temple of Song is the central Shaolin Temple in China, the one that spread Shaolin Wushu Kung-fu to many parts of the world. Shaolin Wushu Kung Fu is the style of ...

training with kung fu masters, Shaolin, China travel blog

training with kung fu masters

A travel blog entry by anandigor


... loudly cleared his throat and spat a giant gob of phlegm with martial precision on the temple forecourt. ------------------------------------------- Shaolin per gli aficionados tra voi che guardano film di Bruce Lee avra' qualche significato... E' la ...

The biggest tourist trap in China is...., The Shaolin temple, China travel blog

The biggest tourist trap in China is....

A travel blog entry by mattandnicole


We got into Shaolin temple early in the morning, all ready for a day of seeing kids breaking boards and yelling a lot. Yep, this is where Kung-fu was born. However, what we got was an expensive, over hyped tourist trap. God only knows what the monks are ...

Tiger Leaping Trent, Shaolin, China travel blog

Tiger Leaping Trent

A travel blog entry by trent


... next day we got up early to take the bus out to Dengfeng, the nearest "big" city to teh famed Shaolin temple, home of martial arts in China and quite possibly the world.  After the usual problems involved in traveling in China :) we eventually ...