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A fine week off, Monday, Sanxiang, China travel blog

A fine week off, Monday

A travel blog entry by chinasmack

... disappointed because the trees were still quite tall here, and it  blocked my shot of an epic panoramic shot of all of Sanxiang. I spotted another Ta which appeared to be on the tip of the mountain, so i took my chances and quickly walked over there ...

You know when you

You know when you've been in China when..

A travel blog entry by chinasmack

... yourself saying, “Oh geez, not ANOTHER Year of the Rat!” 81. You get homesick for Chinese food when away from China. 82. It becomes a tradition that at least part of Christmas dinner is stir-fried. 83. Other foreigners give you a funny look ...

My new bike, Sanxiang, China travel blog

My new bike

A travel blog entry by chinasmack

... my budget hasn’t allowed me to buy a bike, but since getting paid I thought I’d splash out. Bikes are amazingly cheap in China, even new ones. Jess bought a new bike for 200元 or about 20, complete with rear suspension, a bell and a ...

10 things I miss, and don

10 things I miss, and don't miss about home

A travel blog entry by chinasmack

... : - 1. Friends 2. Vegetarian food, i really miss my meat substitute Quorn 3. Magners  or cider in general. I don’t understand, China have apples but no cider?! 4. Clean air/clean drinking water. The price you have to pay for living in one of ...