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Wenshang Business Hotel Qiqihar

Wenshang Business Hotel Qiqihar

4.00 5 reviews

No.12 Pukui Street, Qiqihar, China

Ibis Hotel (Qiqihar)

Ibis Hotel (Qiqihar)

4.0 63 reviews

No.2 Pukui Street, Longsha District, Qiqihar, China

Guomai Hotel Qiqihar

Guomai Hotel Qiqihar

3.5 43 reviews

No.1 Junxiao Street, Longhua Road, Tiefeng District, Qiqihar, China

Guibinlou Hotel Qiqihar

Guibinlou Hotel Qiqihar

3.50 3 reviews

Yong'an Street, Across Street From Cable TV office, Qiqihar, China

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I'm getting 'Bad Santa' to use as a training video

A travel blog entry by baitianming

... racing bike I want to lower them, which will require getting some new parts. I'm not sure if I'll be able to find it here in China, but we'll see. I need to get some stuff from the US anyway because they don't have some of the things that I need for my ...

Advertising 101, Qiqihar, China travel blog

Advertising 101

A travel blog entry by baitianming

Hello. I'm going to tell you a story about finding an apartment in northeastern China. I had been looking for an apartment to live in because the school could not give me a good answer about simple things like, "In total, how much will it cost for me to ...

The new route!, Qiqihar, China travel blog

The new route!

A travel blog entry by baitianming


... after the sticky road (again, see pictures for info on the sticky road). There is lots of construction going on around Qiqihar presumably because the city is going to become the new capital of Heilongjiang. Basically a new loop road around the city and ...

I took the road less traveled and it was..., Qiqihar, China travel blog

I took the road less traveled and it was...

A travel blog entry by baitianming


... I'm also teaching another professor at the college. We were talking a little about the quality of education that you can get at Qiqihar University and, believe it or not, she was actually more negative about the place than I was. Basically, she studied in ...