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Rainy days and dirty laundry, Nanxi, China travel blog

Rainy days and dirty laundry

A travel blog entry by r.king


There were three students that were late to class today. If they were 30 seconds to a minute I would have been more gracious, but they were over 5 minutes late.  Typically when students arrive to class moments before the bell or shortly after they ...

Santa Claus and Chinese Poetry, Nanxi, China travel blog

Santa Claus and Chinese Poetry

A travel blog entry by r.king

Today I repeated my introductory lessons to the new Junior 3 classes, and was able to teach a new lesson to some of the students I saw yesterday.  The new lesson today was about American holidays.  I discussed the traditions of each day and ...

Sally and Cindy visit China, Nanxi, China travel blog

Sally and Cindy visit China

A travel blog entry by r.king


The teachers at Nanxi No. 1 High School received wonderful news today. All classrooms will soon be equipped with air conditioners!!   *happy face* I encountered a few difficulties today when I went to my classroom.  First, the chairs and ...

A restful weekend, Nanxi, China travel blog

A restful weekend

A travel blog entry by r.king

... evening I went to dinner with 12 other English teachers.  We went for Hot Pot, which is quite possibly my favorite meal in China.  It was nice to meet some new people and speak English.  I did, however, have the opportunity to show off ...