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No permission, Bayi, China travel blog

No permission

A travel blog entry by mr_rain

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I continued for the next day, only to after a midday stop in larger military town called Miling to discover the next piece of road was being rebuilt. It was so bad that I my rear tyre that was pumped up to maximum pressure and laiden with the ...

Getting to Bayi, Bayi, China travel blog

Getting to Bayi

A travel blog entry by mr_rain

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This was to prove ...

Road to Lhasa, Lhasa, China travel blog

Road to Lhasa

A travel blog entry by arlash

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... . We got along well, and wanted to see the same things, so it has not been a real problem so far. Mainland China is different than Tibet, so traveling there alone isn't forbidden. After the border crossing into Tibet, we stayed in a small town and enjoyed ...

Revenge is a sweet thing!!!!, Lhasa, China travel blog

Revenge is a sweet thing!!!!

A travel blog entry by jeffs

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... echoed her opinion. 'Never mind' said Gaz, they'll know it was us because of the shoelace......... The bus journey to Lhasa, was, as I've already explained in previous travelpod entries, not my best ever life experience. I won't recall those stories ...