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Gesar Hotel Kangding

Gesar Hotel Kangding

3.50 6 reviews

No.60 West Main Street, Kangding, China

Jinlu Hotel Kangding

Jinlu Hotel Kangding

4.00 1 review

Jiangjun Bridge, Kangding, China

Kangding Love Song Hotel

Kangding Love Song Hotel

4.00 17 reviews

No.156 Dong Street, Kangding, China

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Photos from China -hohhot, Pingyau, Xi

Photos from China -hohhot, Pingyau, Xi'an, Chengdu

A travel blog entry by baileyandkerry

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World's second highest airport to open

A travel blog entry by happysheep

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... sea level, second only to Qamdo airport in Tibet at 4,334 metres. The Chengdu Daily said China Eastern Airlines would start regular flights to Kangding before the end of October, flying from Yunnan's provincial capital Kunming to Kangding via Sichuan's ...

Fine Dining, Kangding, China travel blog

Fine Dining

A travel blog entry by foolsgold

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... 're embarrassing me... eat it" - Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Here's a funny thing. The bus from Chengdu to Kangding, which we got promptly despite hangovers and silent protestations, ran out of petrol after an hour and a half. We had ...

Old missionary to eastern Tibet, Kangding, China travel blog

Old missionary to eastern Tibet

A travel blog entry by happysheep

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Here's a book I'd like to read, but alas, it seems banned in China. Amazon won't deliver it. And most the references or reviews are blocked by Google's arrangement with my friends in the Chinese government. Book Review Pioneer in Tibet the life and ...