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Bike Ride - Day 4.  Xiaojin to Danba, Danba, China travel blog

Bike Ride - Day 4. Xiaojin to Danba

A travel blog entry by marshallmatters

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... surroundings. Due to the good weather and the rolling roads we made light work of the 60km and by 2pm we had arrived in Danba.  We made a group decision to change the schedule at this point.  The original plan was to drive back up to the ...

Danba Don

Danba Don't Want to be Ya

A travel blog entry by shyoungstr

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... , made it sound like there is no need to visit Kanding, the other city like hub in this Sichuan region but now after choosing Danba in its place I regret skipping Kanding. I couldn’t get out of this place fast enough. Everyone else I had come with ...

Stone watchtowers of Sichuan, Danba, China travel blog

Stone watchtowers of Sichuan

A travel blog entry by finn_steve


Stopped here to see Tibetan villages and stone watchtowers. More to ...

Some other city...returning to China, Danba, China travel blog

Some other city...returning to China

A travel blog entry by joaopisco


Danba is just another town, in our way to somewhere else. Nothing else I would say. So, just pass by quickly as ...