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China - Yunnan (Dali), Dali, China travel blog

China - Yunnan (Dali)

A travel blog entry by thailand_dream

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... i was able to get some really nice pictures from outside. I still can't understand why certain entrance fees are so expensive here in China. Yet general every day living is very cheap. Anyway, after here i made my way to the old city which was lovely. ...

To the mountains of Dali, Dali, China travel blog

To the mountains of Dali

A travel blog entry by luolan

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... some reason, there is a profusion of hippie apparel, which seems just a little out of place in the middle of southwestern China. The kind of clothes that remind me of eccentric middle-aged great aunts who are elementary school librarians and like to do ...

Travel fatugue, Dali, China travel blog

Travel fatugue

A travel blog entry by orizarska

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So I'm here, but I'm tired. My cloths are tired. Every T-shirt that doesn't have a stain has a whole. The last pair of slacks I bought in London are tearing off as if I'd soaked them in  acid. My shoes are tired. The hiking boots are coming apart ...

Day 51, Dali, China travel blog

Day 51

A travel blog entry by poolman99

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... relax. That night, I played pool and met a few people including a guy and girl from a deli in Michigan who were in China researching tea! They'd been paid to come here and tour China on expenses while sipping tea and taking it easy - what a great ...