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Everything Connects, Chang

Everything Connects

A travel blog entry by alberttluu


... China. While I was strolling through the city, I saw a grand mosque called the Great Mosque of ChangAn. I was really confused because I knew that Song China believed in Confucianism. I asked one of the men leaving the mosque how the it came to be. ...

The Tributary System, Chang

The Tributary System

A travel blog entry by alberttluu


... too. People in North China started wearing pants rather than robes. Cotton slowly replaced hemp in clothes worn by the lower class. ChangAn was a beautiful city, but tonight was my last night, and in the morning, I’m heading for Hangzhou. ...

A City Busier than Luoyang?: Chang

A City Busier than Luoyang?: Chang'an

A travel blog entry by melissasoong


... so surprised we all made it here in one piece, but we finally arrived in the city of “Perpetual Peace”. In Changan, the well-maintained roads and water transport connected it to a lot of the coastal towns of South China, close to my ...


Chillin' in Chang'an

A travel blog entry by karenmai


... and the military throughout all the country and on the outside frontiers. In order to feed the large population of Chang'an and nearby Luoyang, the need for transportation of southern crops started the construction of canals to connect the Yangzi River ...