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A City Busier than Luoyang?: Chang

A City Busier than Luoyang?: Chang'an

A travel blog entry by melissasoong


... so surprised we all made it here in one piece, but we finally arrived in the city of “Perpetual Peace”. In Changan, the well-maintained roads and water transport connected it to a lot of the coastal towns of South China, close to my ...

Lounging in luxury, Chang

Lounging in luxury

A travel blog entry by robjstaples

... site, next to another... Inside, is marble, cool air, immaculate service and the biggest hotel suite I've ever stayed in. China is a land of remarkable contrasts and this oasis of calm inside a 5 star hotel insulating those inside from the cacophony of ...

Into the mad melee, Chang

Into the mad melee

A travel blog entry by robjstaples

... had to entertain myself, try to get used to speaking Chinese again and tune the brain in to an old, new wavelength. Chang'an isn't so westernised as some places in the area and the ritual staring in astonishment at the sight of a foreigner was there for ...



A travel blog entry by yasemintaban


It took 3 months but I have finally made it to the merchant hot spot in China Changan. Within China I hear this is the resting place for merchants from India, Korea, Turkey, Iran, Europe and Japan. When I look around, I can hear all the different ...