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Earthquake vs Tsunami, Macul, Chile travel blog

Earthquake vs Tsunami

A travel blog entry by ajm56


Awoken by the blazing heat coming into the tent, I emerged from the back door gasping for air and settled back down in the shade outside to wake up. We then didn't move from the general area for around 6 hours, just passing the time enjoying the sunshine ...

Last night in Chile = AWESOME, Macul, Chile travel blog

Last night in Chile = AWESOME

A travel blog entry by ajm56


... out my next move into Argentina. Yes, this took all day. In the evening, Oscar invited to take me out for my last night in Chile, having one last go at trying to get me to like Santiago, visiting a couple of his favourite bars. After scouring the town for ...

Bored of Chilean.Let

Bored of Chilean.Let's go Peruvian!

A travel blog entry by ajm56

Made a new couchsurfing friend today, Eduardo. Headed to the centre of town to meet for a drink and we both ordered one. Mine was a normal size, but the beer Eduardo ordered came in the shape of a litre bottle! Yikes! This did not bode well for the fact ...

Santiago Exploration, Macul, Chile travel blog

Santiago Exploration

A travel blog entry by ajm56


Oscar has such a cool job that on a normal day, he can rock up to work anytime he likes (athough he usually goes at 9 or 10am), but today he simply decided not to bother. He sent a few emails from home in the morning and then we headed back into town for ...