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Neener Neener Neener, we were here first, Limache, Chile travel blog

Neener Neener Neener, we were here first

A travel blog entry by cannonballs


... that aren't living are the hands.  We spent a day walking around the waterfront, beaches, castle-like buildings, and museums. Limache Among the orchards of citrus, fig, almonds, persimmons and, of course, a fejua bush, lies Casa Olivieri.  We ...

Gestrand in Limache.., Limache, Chile travel blog

Gestrand in Limache..

A travel blog entry by backpacking


Na een uur te hebben gereden, blijkt de auto toch wel wat kleine mankementen te hebben en we besloten maar om het is na te gaan vragen bij een lokale garage, dit was natuurlijk een groot succes, omdat ons Spaans super vloeiend is heden ten dage... ...

Observar, Limache, Chile travel blog


A travel blog entry by lakaitgreg


Sitting atop the hill that I just climbed, looking down at a town I just realized existed, I discover that I am cursed with a noisy brain. Why I cannot just sit and enjoy the pure new that is surrounding me, I am not sure. When I look down at people ...