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Chile - Arica, Arica, Chile travel blog

Chile - Arica

A travel blog entry by thailand_dream

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After San Pedro de Atacama, i travelled to Arica. Part of Chile's Arica and Parinacota region, it's the country's northern most province. It borders Peru to the north and meets the South Pacific Ocean to the west. The entire region is basically a desert. ...

Sanitago, Chile, Santiago, Chile travel blog

Sanitago, Chile

A travel blog entry by bruceontour

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... these images. Pity about the distortion caused by the window. Touched down at Santiago at 5.08 pm to a 27 C. Now the long wait till the midnight departure. Saw a Chile Starbucks mug so guess what? ...

What a Calama-ty, Calama, Chile travel blog

What a Calama-ty

A travel blog entry by ameng

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... !  We enquired about reaching La Paz, and it turned out the best way would be to get a bus to the northern tip of Chile, to a town called Arica, then get a bus from there to La Paz.  Since we already felt cheated once by the bus ticket seller ...

I love Santiago, Santiago, Chile travel blog

I love Santiago

A travel blog entry by aborder

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... , it was too hot for ice-cream, somehow I doubt that makes sense) and pointed out a statue gifted by Germany after Chile had Independence for one hundred years. The two hundred anniversary has gone by, but no subsequent gift so far?? Franco said at ...