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Paradise Inn & Suites Valleyview

Paradise Inn & Suites Valleyview

4.00 69 reviews

3609 Highway Street, Valleyview, Canada

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Drive to Valleyview, AB, Valleyview, Canada travel blog

Drive to Valleyview, AB

A travel blog entry by ranlo

The drive here was nice; big hills with great views.  Very surprised there is a 2-lane divided highway.  The campground even has a good trail by a small ...

Day 1, Valleyview, Canada travel blog

Day 1

A travel blog entry by sting

... and letting in wind over 80k/hr. All good now, but merely 5 min after I did it a huge thunderstorm rolled through! Mostly farmlands... Stayed in the Valleyview Visitor Centre lot with my own picnic table and 24-hour restrooms :-)  8 hours and 600km ...

Close to Alaskan Highway, Valleyview, Canada travel blog

Close to Alaskan Highway

A travel blog entry by okaw2


... .  All of the places so far have had long term residents.  The oil and gas boom through this huge section of Canada has created a demand for housing that lots of people are meeting with trailers and campers.  Our neighbor in Regina had a 30 ...

Mar 22, 2011, Valleyview, Canada travel blog

Mar 22, 2011

A travel blog entry by starlagurl