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Speaking French for a minute, Shawville, Canada travel blog

Speaking French for a minute

A travel blog entry by glenn.porter

This is a top pick!

I made breakfast for the Wieser family this morning, and I did not butcher it nearly as bad as in Cheboygan for Terry and Sherry . Nice to be in a kitchen again. David told me how to get to the Route Verte, and I decided to give it a shot, anything to ...

Visiting my daughter :-) Pulling a Neil Peart :-(, Shawville, Canada travel blog

Visiting my daughter :-) Pulling a Neil Peart :-(

A travel blog entry by bill212

... full, but I wanted a full tank for the ride into "the Pontiac" region of Quebec, to a cottage near Ladysmith, Quebec (or Shawville, Quebec, if your map isn't detailed enough to show Ladysmith). As I was finishing filling the tank, the attendant there said ...

Video tour of Shawville, Quebec, Shawville, Canada travel blog

Video tour of Shawville, Quebec

A travel blog entry by starlagurl


Here I am taking you on a tour of Shawville. I'll be working here at The Equity as "Interim Editor" for up to six months while the real editor is on medical leave. If anyone wants to visit, it's a beautiful place for a bike ride along the river, or just ...

The slow way home, Shawville, Canada travel blog

The slow way home

A travel blog entry by starlagurl

I left Boston at about 12:30 and made it back to Burlington at 5 to  pick up Aksana and take her home. She was staying at these crazy people's house who have a live update posted on the outside of their home on how many people have died so far in ...