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Kenora to Nipigon, Nipigon, Canada travel blog

Kenora to Nipigon

A travel blog entry by guruzers

. ...

Dryden to Nipigon, more of the same., Nipigon, Canada travel blog

Dryden to Nipigon, more of the same.

A travel blog entry by jojojinks12

... and governmental angsts. Seems everyone has got something on their mind. He dropped me off directly at the split in the trans-canada which turns into either the 17 or the 11. It was getting dark and thankfully I'd been driven out of the rainstorm. ...

Faith Stop #2, Nipigon, Canada travel blog

Faith Stop #2

A travel blog entry by cobra1899

... in the normal range all day. I would consider that amazing considering I was pulling a 7000 lb trailer. I had set a goal of reaching Nipigon (over 750 kms). I'm in no rush, just that it felt like the right place to stop. As I’m driving, towards the ...

Do Nothing Day, Nipigon,  Canada travel blog

Do Nothing Day

A travel blog entry by oboehobo


... for more eye drops. Tried to take a nap but it was too hot in the tent. Ended up going for ride to see the three dams huon the Nipigon River. Collected wood for a bonfire and put a couple of loads of laundry in while the kids play at the ...