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A travel blog entry by alexndean

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... but left us all standing in a queue until gone 14:00 - no explanation, no apology - really shit service from Greyhound Canada. Anyway, Jasper is really great. We really like it. The first night (Tuesday) was spent in the hostel, but once again they ...

The Icefield Parkway, Jasper to Banff, Canada travel blog

The Icefield Parkway

A travel blog entry by charmedlife

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... they are able to grip the rocky slopes with grace and ease. We also learn that a collaboration between Parks Canada and Montana State University, the Henry P. Kendall Foundation and other partners funded the construction of wildlife passages, crossings ...

Life at a Mountain Resort, Jasper, Canada travel blog

Life at a Mountain Resort

A travel blog entry by aliciatravels

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Sorry folks but no pics this time. Satellite connection is just way to frustrating for that type of thing. But just felt a need to ramble for a bit about life here at Sunwapta Falls Resort. Feel free to scan or skip altogether. New Friends So ...

Good Friends and Good Views, Jasper, Canada travel blog

Good Friends and Good Views

A travel blog entry by aliciatravels

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Travelpod now has unlimited space for uploading pictures. So here are some from the past month or so. These are mostly from a little road trip we took to Golden and then around the resort and town. Not feeling much in a writing mood so I will let ...