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Small..."Medium"...or Large?, Coombs, Canada travel blog

Small..."Medium"...or Large?

A travel blog entry by cobra1899

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... I should be touring more of the Island since I'm here. Hopefully soon. We stopped in Qualicum Beach for lunch and then drove to Coombs to see the "Goats on the Roof" market. Coombs has a business section that has numerous stores with local artist wares on ...

Forbidden hitchhiking and the fruits it bears, Coombs, Canada travel blog

Forbidden hitchhiking and the fruits it bears

A travel blog entry by vagrant_reality


... up hitchers often but I got the feeling that he gave people lifts more often than he realised. He took me to the Coombs marketplace; a marketplace famous for its goats on the roof and its ice cream. The marketplace is a strange little place. The wooden ...

Cathedral Grove in MacMillan Provincial Park, Coombs, Canada travel blog

Cathedral Grove in MacMillan Provincial Park

A travel blog entry by lobo


... km west of Coombs. Cooms is also worth a stop on the way back because it is the location of Canada's most famous general store - the Coombs General Store. It is renowned for its incredible selection of merchandise, good food, atmosphere and even more for ...

Goats on a Roof!!!, Coombs, Canada travel blog

Goats on a Roof!!!

A travel blog entry by schwetzlangford


So we left Qualicum Beach to check out the little village of Coombs, British Columbia.  It had a great farmers market and a nice little village to do some shopping in.  The market was in a fairly large building and had a fantastic selections of ...

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World Parrot Refuge

World Parrot Refuge


2116 Alberni Hwy, Coombs, British Columbia, Canada

Columbia Ice Fields

Columbia Ice Fields


Coombs, British Columbia, Canada