Calgary, Canada

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Solar de Lalem São Miguel

Solar de Lalem So Miguel

4.00 231 reviews

2620 32nd Avenue NE, Calgary, Canada

Pension Köppel Graz

Pension Kppel Graz

4.00 1110 reviews

320 4th Ave SW, Calgary, Canada

Sheraton Suites Calgary Eau Claire

Sheraton Suites Calgary Eau Claire

4.50 720 reviews

255 Barclay Parade SW, Calgary, Canada

Ramada Calgary Downtown

Ramada Calgary Downtown

3.00 523 reviews

708 8th Avenue South West, Calgary, Canada

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Where did I put the...oh, never mind!, Calgary, Canada travel blog

Where did I put the...oh, never mind!

A travel blog entry by 2totango

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After living in a mess of piled boxes and garbage for months now, it is a relief to finally see the end in sight!  A 750 sq foot apartment does not have a lot of room for boxes! Not only have we been preparing for a move, we've needed to get ...

Huntin and Skinnin Right From The Beginnin., Calgary, Canada travel blog

Huntin and Skinnin Right From The Beginnin.

A travel blog entry by gunslinger22

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... the Land of Aus I got to have a good visit with a good number of my accomplices. Kyle The Mule returned to Canada amidst a flurry of shotgunned Lucky Lagers and a good amount of hollering at each other happily trying to shout down each others travel ...

Oh Canada!, Calgary, Canada travel blog

Oh Canada!

A travel blog entry by kimandmartin

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Our plane's route from London to Calgary was over Greenland and northern Canada. With the time change, as soon as the sun set, it was rose again. Rather a weird feeling. We could see the ground flying over Nunavit and the NWT - there was no snow! ...

So Long...and Thanks for all the Fish, Calgary, Canada travel blog

So Long...and Thanks for all the Fish

A travel blog entry by zullyzazaza

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... to my family and dog. The weekend saw a last minute shopping spree and Saturday night drinks at a pub in Calgary's kensington district. I felt an odd nervous disbelief that this trip was technically underway. The feeling of anxious under preparation ...

Attractions in Calgary

Calgary Attractions (107)
Calgary Zoo

Calgary Zoo


1300 Zoo Rd NE, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

This zoo is home to over 1,000 animals from all over the world, including Kamala, the famous painting elephant as well as to the Botanical Garden and a Prehistoric Park for dinosaur lovers.

Glenbow Museum

Glenbow Museum


130 Ninth Ave. SE, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

The largest museum in Western Canada has exhibits on everything from traditions of piercing and tattooing to life in certain tribes in Western Africa to Canada's heritage.

Canada Olympic Park

Canada Olympic Park


88 Canada Olympic Rd SW, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Train like an Olympian, at least for a day: at this park, you can speed down slopes on a bobsled or soar over the 90-meter ski jump.

Calaway Park

Calaway Park


Trans-Canada Hwy West, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

An Old West Theme park.