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Jun 24, 2011, Borden-Carleton, Canada travel blog

Jun 24, 2011

A travel blog entry by bistromath


New Brunswick to PEI, Borden-Carleton, Canada travel blog

New Brunswick to PEI

A travel blog entry by knightc


We broke camp and after a minor navigational error, headed east toward PEI. On the way we stopped in downtown Fredericton for their Saturday farmer's market. Bob found us a great parking spot downtown at a park that had free wifi! We walked a few ...

Augustine Cove to Antigonish!, Borden-Carleton, Canada travel blog

Augustine Cove to Antigonish!

A travel blog entry by pierrette5


We experienced a wet, windy PEI storm overnight! The rain was pelting down and the winds were blowing and at one point early in the morning, Bill was a little concerned about Winnie's lid, but like the trooper she is, she weathered the storm with ...

Sep 05, 2013, Borden-Carleton, Canada travel blog

Sep 05, 2013

A travel blog entry by haueteru