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The End of the Beginning, Ébolowa, Cameroon travel blog

The End of the Beginning

A travel blog entry by alexmeckley

... time had. I passed my French test officially allowing me to swear in! Then finished my final French presentation on Cameroon's history through playing a game of Jeopardy, which all the Cameroonian language trainers loved. After that we only had one final ...

We be people dem for America, Ébolowa, Cameroon travel blog

We be people dem for America

A travel blog entry by alexmeckley


... down in order to be paved, but had yet to happen, so it ended up just being a muddy maze we had to maneuver. The mud in Cameroon is not messing around, it is clayey and we all walked in line placing our feet exactly where the person in front of us had. As ...

Je ne suis pas derange, Ébolowa, Cameroon travel blog

Je ne suis pas derange

A travel blog entry by alexmeckley


... in daylight and not through a hotel window. Going from the city life of Younde through the many changing landscapes to Ebolowa, I began to realize why Cameroon is called "Miniature Africa". Though as we got closer I became more and more anxious to meet my ...

Un peu, un peu, Ébolowa, Cameroon travel blog

Un peu, un peu

A travel blog entry by alexmeckley


Week Three: As week three came to a close there was a lot of things to look back on. We went on a NGO (nongovernmental organization) visit to see an organization that is working on introducing vegetables into the Cameroonian culture to improve ...