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Hotel Marie Louise Dschang

Hotel Marie Louise Dschang

3.00 2 reviews

BP26 , Dschang, Cameroon

Teclaire Palace Hotel Dschang

Teclaire Palace Hotel Dschang

4.00 10 reviews

B.P. 238 , Dschang, Cameroon

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six weeks to go, Dschang, Cameroon travel blog

six weeks to go

A travel blog entry by vruiz84

So I just took the most amazing motorcycle ride from fontem to dschang, two hours of mountain, forest and breathtaking views. i have six weeks left, and its so hard for me to really be here, i miss everything so much. on the upside, i LOVE my patients. i ...

I love water, Dschang, Cameroon travel blog

I love water

A travel blog entry by vruiz84


Let's see.. We haven't had internet for two weeks, which is devastating for me, because really, the whole world ends in Menji, which is only 2 kms away. We also didn't have water because it's the end of the dry season - and the rain that is coming is ...

Rest In Peace, Dschang, Cameroon travel blog

Rest In Peace

A travel blog entry by vruiz84


My friend's sister finally passed away - the one I had written about before. It was a bit difficult for me - as I went to her cry-die (the African version of a wake), I felt numb and in shock. I thought about the past month and a half that she was under ...

CAMEROON INDEPENDENCE DAY, Dschang, Cameroon travel blog


A travel blog entry by vruiz84


... me that that was the best thing I could've done. More than one way to skin a cat, I suppose... I included pictures from the Cameroon Day of Independence that we put together for the youth. Hope everyone is well. Sorry to hear about the snow storms. ...