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North East Cambodia: Sen Monorom, Sen Monorom, Cambodia travel blog

North East Cambodia: Sen Monorom

A travel blog entry by roadtrip

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... the bumpy, dusty ride, crushed into the back of the bus. I spent five days up there, checking out the biggest waterfall in Cambodia, and taking in a short elephant trek into the forest. The scenery was beautiful, but alas, I had to move on, ...

Travelling, Mondulkiri Province, Cambodia travel blog


A travel blog entry by will

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... . And thus was my journey from Phnom Penh to the dusty provincial capital of Sen Monorom in the remote Mondulkiri province, in Cambodia's east. As has continually been the case on this trip, my plans changed yet again at the last moment. Realising I ...

Teaching !, Takeo prvince, Cambodia travel blog

Teaching !

A travel blog entry by danilovescats

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... , so we went a sat by it and just chatted in the dark. It is amazing, just sitting outside, in the middle of Cambodia. An experience I will always remember. Victor and I stayed up for hours just telling each other about our pasts and families, most ...

eumonia beckons!, Sen Monorom, Cambodia travel blog

eumonia beckons!

A travel blog entry by benabroad

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... leaving Phnom Penh. $10 well spent.          Sen Monorom is a completely different Cambodia: gone are the rice paddies and palm trees that seemingly line every road and walkway elsewhere, here the green forest and ...