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Being Lara Croft, Siem Reap, Cambodia travel blog

Being Lara Croft

A travel blog entry by fyrelizard

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Our second day of temple exploration was undampened by the heavy rainfall which started during breakfast. Our driver, Mr Bon, took us to Ta Prohm as the first stop. Tiar had advised us to get up and go before breakfast, and it soon became clear why. The ...

Marine Conservation Cambodia, Kep, Cambodia travel blog

Marine Conservation Cambodia

A travel blog entry by anna_and_steve

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Our next stop in Cambodia was 3 weeks volunteering at Marine Conservation Cambodia (MCC) I can take no credit for this part of the trip Steve organised it all. He loves marine life and was super excited about having found this project. MCC works to ...

Siem Reap - Tomb Raider 2, Siem Reap, Cambodia travel blog

Siem Reap - Tomb Raider 2

A travel blog entry by stephen.j.booth

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... $1 noodles at the roadside cafes, I can't believe that anyone can afford not to. Having said all that, if there's one place in Cambodia that deserves a good, lengthy visit, it's Siem Reap. Here's why ..... It's 4.45am, i'm out of bed and angry. These ...

Smiling Happy People, Kampong Cham, Cambodia travel blog

Smiling Happy People

A travel blog entry by lizandkev

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... said about many countries in the world that the people are one of the highlights of any visit but I'm going to say it again about Cambodia, the people are so nice. Almost everyone you meet has a smile on their face. In Kompong Cham we again hired bikes to ...