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Hotel Perenika Shipka

Hotel Perenika Shipka

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Boyan Chomakov 17, Shipka, Bulgaria

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Into the mountains - Shipka Pass, Shipka, Bulgaria travel blog

Into the mountains - Shipka Pass

A travel blog entry by lucywillson

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... our first two stops, at Shipka Pass and Shipka itself. Set within the Central Balkan mountains, the Shipka Pass is very historically significant in Bulgaria as a battlefield during the War of Independence between Bulgaria and the Ottoman Empire in 1877 - ...

Veliko Tarnovo, Veliko Tarnono, Bulgaria travel blog

Veliko Tarnovo

A travel blog entry by lraleigh

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test ...

Veliko Taranova, Veliko Taranova, Bulgaria travel blog

Veliko Taranova

A travel blog entry by jag

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Veliko Tarnovo was a much larger town than I had imagined but it was nonetheless set in an astonishing location. The U-shaped winding cliffs around the Yantra River lock in the Aveta Gora Park across the footbridge. The town itself dramatically starts at ...

Kamchia River, Bulgaria, Kamchia River, Bulgaria, Bulgaria travel blog

Kamchia River, Bulgaria

A travel blog entry by martinlizama


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Shipchenski monastery (St Nikolay)

Shipchenski monastery (St Nikolay)


Shipka, Shipka, Stara Zagora, Bulgaria