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The Heart of the Amazon, Manaus, Brazil travel blog

The Heart of the Amazon

A travel blog entry by ameng

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... a torch is shone into a caiman's eyes, they reflect red, which is how you can locate them.  After many unsuccessful attempts of catching a caiman, with them always seeming to slip away through the reeds just as the guide reaches out, a small one was ...

Monkeys, Sloths and Snakes, Manaus, Brazil travel blog

Monkeys, Sloths and Snakes

A travel blog entry by nomadic-brands

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... . We saw a brazil nut tree for the first time with their strange round, hollow fruits on the end....we never knew that a Brazil nut tree looked like this! After more bird spotting we continued to an area where we could see the infamous Amazonian lily pads ...


I'm on a boat: Tabatinga to Manaus

A travel blog entry by ameng

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... up on a table near the back of the boat.  It was the same most of the time, rice, beans, chicken, and some kind of grain that the locals sprinkled onto the rice. It didn't taste all that nice though, just very dry and flavourless. The lights on the ...

"Brazil Happened", Amazon River, Brazil travel blog

"Brazil Happened"

A travel blog entry by bakkepackers

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... (As we did research for this trip, we realized that the Pantanal, the world's largest freshwater wetlands located in the west of Brazil, is actually the far better place to go for wildlife spotting--hopefully we'll still get there someday.) Dennis and ...