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Brazil, beans and broccoli, Sao Luis, Brazil travel blog

Brazil, beans and broccoli

A travel blog entry by helene

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... trip that I have hated - too chaotic, noisy and hot. I got stuck there for four miserable days while I tried to get a flight to Sao Luis, where I am now. Sao Luis is a beautiful old town with narrow cobbled streets and colonial buildings. There´s not a ...

Wandering the colonial Sao Luis, Sao Luis, Brazil travel blog

Wandering the colonial Sao Luis

A travel blog entry by emanddave

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... which this part of Brazil has a lot of links to. We think we established that the festival was the last night of a festival for Sao Luis birthday but dont take our word for it. After a while and before a fight broke out amongst some locals over who ...

The Capital of Reggae, Sao Louis, Brazil travel blog

The Capital of Reggae

A travel blog entry by jeffsadventures

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Brazil´s self proclaimed capital of Reggae music is Sao Louis... a cool colonial town where all the buildings are covered in Portuguese tiles, supposedly to combat the heat. I arrived with my buddy Boris after a miserable, overpriced, 14 hour bus ride ...

Onde esta Paco?, São Luís, Brazil travel blog

Onde esta Paco?

A travel blog entry by camille

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... 's house. Preta is the main character on Da Cor Do Pecado and she is in love with Paco (played by the sexiest man in Brazil, Reynaldo Giannecchi) Preta has gone to Rio with her and Paco´s son (who Paco doesn´t know exists because he supposedly died in a ...