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Cobbles, Cocktail and Carnemar, Parati, Brazil travel blog

Cobbles, Cocktail and Carnemar

A travel blog entry by jodifer

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... pretty much how I would imagine it“s island namesake to be; sandy streets and rasta looking hippies. After that we stayed in Parati itself, sharing a dorm with among other people, another English couple, Raj and Hannah. They are lovely and we spent a ...

Just back from paradise!, Parati, Brazil travel blog

Just back from paradise!

A travel blog entry by andy_jillian

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... tropical paradise we've just spent the past 2 days in! Parati was a four hour bus trip down the Costa Verde (green coast) of Brazil from Rio towards Sao Paulo and the views from the bus trip itself were picturesque, but once we got out on the boat trip, ...

Historic Parati, Parati, Brazil travel blog

Historic Parati

A travel blog entry by shanewilson

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... with each other... in work and social settings. The blacks I have come across are nothing but friendly towards me. Parati, like most of Brazil, is tropical with an abundance of palm trees and other green folage. The beaches I“ve seen have been ...

AMAZON - THE INDIANS“ PAIN, Ponte do Rio Ariaś, Amazonias, Brazil travel blog


A travel blog entry by modernoddyseus

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Hello. Remember when I said I“d like to live in a samaumeira tree? Well, that was pure idiocy. Please forget I said that. Now, to make me look smarter, let me take you to the early stages of proposing my and Steve“s jungle trek. The ...