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Girl from Ipanema, Leblon, Brazil travel blog

Girl from Ipanema

A travel blog entry by whereshegoes

This is a top pick!

... (which despite its popularity is quite disappointing really with all its rubbish layered in the sand), Ipanema (a little less touristy) to Leblon (where the more posh locals hang). We walked down the beach and settled into a small spot beside an empty ...

Air Surfing , Leblon, Brazil travel blog

Air Surfing

A travel blog entry by charmedlife


So one of us gets the idea to do something a little out of the ordinary. For under $100, we can jump off a cliff and see if we can fly like a bird. Hmmmm well, I wasn't really sure I wanted to spend that much cash, but I decided it could be a neat ...

Welcome to the concept of

Welcome to the concept of 'd'stroyed.

A travel blog entry by gazanova


... in the world, just as Alan Gilbert lectured to me . I Found Pedro II park (named after the first king of independent Brazil), and started reading Ulysses on a bench. But just a I was getting into it and feeling appropriately pretentious with a takeaway ...

Rio, a gringo

Rio, a gringo's guide.

A travel blog entry by gazanova


It was an early start for me today as I aimed to see all the main landmarks and tourist sites of Rio. But I was in eager Gareth, rather than a groggy one as I boarded the short bus ride north since my first stop would also be the first wonder on my list, ...